Marketers' Top Priorities in 2016

Marketers’ Top Priorities in 2016: How do You Compare?

As marketing specialists responsible to creat awareness, drive demand for our brands, and generate leads, we are under so much pressure to deliver cost-effective results and stay competitive. This infographic shows marketers’ top 10 priorities in 2016, according to data from two of the leading marketing automation SAAS providers, and In it you […]

email marketing for improved content strategy

6 Clever Ways to Boost Content Reach with Email Marketing: Infographic

Are you looking for ways to boost your content exposure? Do you need more traffic to your website or blog? Turn email marketing into a standard content distribution channel Adding email marketing as a must-have distribution channel for your blog or promotional materials is a very cost-effective way to stay in touch with prospective buyers & keep […]

5 marketing productivity tools

5 Marketing Tools That Will Save You Hundreds of Dollars

We all operate under shrinking budgets, yet we are expected to produce better and better results every single day, quarter after quarter, no matter if and what marketing tools we are using. One thing we are all very short on is time. So anything that would speed up our productivity or let us do things […]

Interactive Calculator

Free Marketing Campaign ROI Calculator

Why and When to Use a Marketing Campaign ROI Calculator Using a marketing campaign ROI calculator offers a quick and easy way to run through potential success scenarios at any stage of your campaign development and implementation. Getting in the habit of using calculations to estimate the potential value of your impending marketing initiative is […]

2 metrics for decision makers

2 Digital Marketing Metrics Every Marketer Should Know, Part 2

The Only 2 Digital Marketing Metrics You Need to Make Sure You are Not Leaving Money on the Table. In the first part of the “2 Digital Marketing Metrics Every Marketer Should Know” series, I introduced the only 2 digital marketing success metrics that a marketing decision maker needs to know to be able to gauge […]

images are a bottleneck (2)

3 Visual Content Snags Social Marketers Face Daily + How to Fix Them

Images are key to optimizing your engagements with audiences, period I recently finished reading Ekaterina Walter’s awesome book “The Power of Visual Storytelling”, where she talks about the science behind the findings that audiences respond better to visual content. Research has actually discovered that humans are wired to process images faster than text. “Images are like […]