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Hi there and thank you for visiting my professional website. My name is Milena. I created Leafwire Digital when I moved to England 3 years ago because that helped provide more confidence for potential customers and employers.

After spending years in the Unites States, where I got my MBA degree and was lucky to work for Joomla.org, Stonybrook University, FalsonStore, Honeywell, and other great organizations, I relocated to Cambridge, UK to be close to my husband, who is currently a fellow at Emmanuel College and Lecturer at the Cavendish Laboratory with the University of Cambridge.

This is the 4th country I have lived in for an extended period of time now.

Moving countries is not easy and takes courage, hard work, and discipline to get yourself adapted to and integrated into new cultures and be able to make headway, especially career-wise.

It is difficult, can be lonely sometimes – especially when you cannot move your friends, network and your contacts with you:)).

But it’s interesting, inspiring and good for building character:)).

My specialisms and beliefs:

  • Marketing automation Ops, nurture campaigns, attribution, and campaign KPIs/analytics are my main areas of expertise.
  • I am a firm believer that consulting is not about monitoring and offering hypothetical advice. It’s about actionable insights and hands-on expertise that delivers proven results.
  • When I work with customers, I focus on real, concrete, result-driving interactions. I often suggest to customers to test-drive our potential relationship for a couple of free hours to help them see what they are getting.
  • I believe in teamwork, knowledge sharing, and creating positive environments.

Some of my professional certifications

certificatein-socialmedia adobe_advancedtraining conversionscertificategoogle_certif_analytics googlecommercecertificate hootsuite_certified hubspotcertified omcp-certified

mm_certificate_onlinepr_milena mm_certificate_seo_milena ppccertificate

About me

  • I’ve helped companies on both sides of the pond increase brand awareness & gain more customers. Here are a few names: Shell Gas, Honeywell, FalconStor, Stonybrook University, Equinix, and ARM.
  • My bragging rights include 256 finished digital marketing projects, 15 certifications, 6 awards, and numerous recommendations from supervisors, partners, and co-workers. References are available upon request.
  • I founded Campaign Trackly, a tracking automation SAAS application which helps marketers build analytics tracking links for their blogs, social media campaigns, emails, landing pages, and ads.
    • CampaignTrackly automates the generation, shortening, and sharing/use of campaign tracking URLs and offers accuracy, ease of use, and speed that help marketers in 2 ways:
      • boosts campaign ROI by eliminating errors in tracking data quality for better attribution insights and optimized campaign spend.
      • improves productivity by minimizing manual work and speeding up the multi-channel campaign tracking setup by 500% or more.
  • I am also a blogger and an approved tutor with Cambridge Marketing College, and some of my articles have been featured on SmartInsights, GrowthHackers, Digital Donut & UpCity.

Video from the ARIAS conference where I was invited to present:

Podcast from my interview with Star Radio in Cambridge UK:

Listen to my interview with Cambridge Star Radio, starting at the 20-minute mark, to find our why Marketing Automation is critical to your business success:



Milena Mitova

If you would like to contact me, please email me at milena@leafwiredigital.com or Skype me (Skype ID: Leafwiredigital). For more information about our marketing automation services, please refer to our home page.